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[3830] ARRL June VHF K3EAR(K9PW) Single Op HP

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Subject: [3830] ARRL June VHF K3EAR(K9PW) Single Op HP
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Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2006 14:39:45 -0700
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                    ARRL June VHF QSO Party

Call: K3EAR
Operator(s): K9PW
Station: K3EAR

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 31

 Band  QSOs  Mults
    6:  576   183
    2:  292    61
  222:  131    37
  432:  177    39
  903:   38    13
  1.2:   47    13
  2.3:   33     7
  3.4:   27     7
  5.7:   21     6
  10G:   28     7
  24G:   12     4
Total: 1385   380  Total Score = 849,300



More band totals (missing above):
47G:    2     2
76G:    1     1

Wow what a contest.  Certainly not as good as 1987 but getting close.

Wasnâ??t certain where I was going to be for this one, but plans finally
solidified to do a single-op from K3EAR.  So had to turned down K9NS (even
after having starting to arrange their WSJT skeds).  They had a solid crew
(including a VHF rookie) and did really well: 

Drove out to Pennsylvania the weekend before the contest start.  Walt (WA1HHN)
& Russ (N3EMF) had the station reconfigured from multi-op to single-op by the
time I got there.  Not a trivial task when thereâ??s equipment for 13 bands! 
Just some minor problems needed to be solved before the start of the contest. 

This left plenty of time on Monday thru Wednesday to do some 50-60 mile bikes
rides thru the hills, state forests & farm lands in the area.  Really excellent
biking, the 15% grades sure can make you work, but the 40+ mph downhills make up
for it.

Thursday & Friday included a few last minute changes to my audio switching
system & time to play on 6 meters.  This included some double hop to the west
coast & openings to Europe.  If the contest was going to have conditions like
this, many records would be broken.  We were overdue for great conditions.

We all know Saturday was great.  Several periods with 3-4 QSOs/minute on 6
meters.  Most of the opening seemed to be to grids in the CN, DN, EN & GN.  A
few contacts south of 40 degrees latitude, but not many.  The station was
recently upgraded to two antennas on 6 meters.  This was a great help when the
openings were in multiple directions.

The short skip on 6m to W9 during the late afternoon was fun as I was working
many of the familiar calls from back home.  I should have known to check 2
meters for Es.  But never did, so no telling what I missed.  Others later
reported 2m Es, but donâ??t know if it happened in FM19.

During the high rate periods on 6 meters what is the correct decision when a
rover with 12 bands calls you?  Do you continue to run 6m?  Or do you spend the
time on the microwaves?  I guess its nice having these kinds of problems!

Sundayâ??s conditions on 6m seemed spotty.  So, most of the time was spent on
other bands.  Winds were bad in the northeast.  I felt really sorry for the
rovers.  More than one had their tripod fall.  At least one had permanent
damage.  Missed many of the rovers.  Was it just bad luck, bad strategy or
conditions?  Only worked KE3HT once (on 6m) from his first stop & never heard
him the rest of the weekend.  Didnâ??t run into W1RT until their last stop! 
Special thanks to N3IQ/R, WA3PTV/R & W3HMS/R who made it into the log countless
times.  In addition, I never worked FN31, FN32 & a few other common grids above
432 MHz.  So microwave totals, especially grid count was down significantly.

This should have been the year to break 1,000,000 points for a high power
single op station.  The equipment & conditions were there, but I havenâ??t
figured out how to do it.  Perhaps Jeff or someone from the midwest did this
year?  Congrats to Bob (K2DRH) on breaking the single-op low power record. 
Truly a great job.  So did my single op portable (QRP) record also fall?

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