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[3830] NAQP RTTY K8AJS Single Op LP

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Subject: [3830] NAQP RTTY K8AJS Single Op LP
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Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2006 07:42:08 -0700
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                    North American QSO Party, RTTY

Call: K8AJS
Operator(s): K8AJS
Station: K8AJS

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 10

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   80:   57    23
   40:  113    39
   20:  165    40
   15:   46    25
   10:   23    17
Total:  404   144  Total Score = 58,176

Club: Mad River Radio Club



This was a fun contest. I really didn't intend to put in a full-time effort, but
the sun was out, the weather was hot and it was a good day to sit in the
basement and play radio. Before I knew it I was having to quit at 0500Z because
I was out of time.

Interesting to work DX in the NAQP: 5F50KD, 9A7R, EI6HB and G6PZ. Thanks for
the QSOs, guys, even if not a multiplier, they all count...:-)

There were a number of stations that I worked on two and three bands, and then
there were the ones I got on four bands, missing them only on 10 meters: AD4EB,
K9MUG, N9CK, W4GAC, W4MLB and WN1G. A big THANKS for all the contacts, they are

And there were three stations I got on all five bands: KK5OQ, KT0R and W6YX.
Thanks a lot guys, for the contacts, sometimes digging me out because my signal
wasn't as loud as I would have hoped.

I didn't have any power issues, there really weren't any stations that I missed
working that I thought I could have worked if I just had a little more power. I
turned down the power on the FT1000MP just a little bit, to about 85 or 90
watts on the meter so things wouldn't overheat and cause problems. The
difference between 90 watts and 100 watts is inconsequential in the long run.

I hope everyone had a good time in the contest, and I'm looking forward to the
next one...:-)

Rig: FT1000MP 100 watts <- (not really, turned this down a bit)
Antennas: 3 ele quad, 204-foot G5RV
Software: WriteLog 10.55d

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