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Subject: [3830] CQWW VHF K9AKS SOAB QRP
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Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 11:38:58 -0700
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                    CQ Worldwide VHF Contest

Call: K9AKS
Operator(s): K9AKS
Station: K9AKS

Operating Time (hrs): 

 Band  QSOs  Mults
    6:  390   132
    2:   71    40
Total:  461   172  Total Score = 91,504



This is the best CQ-sponsored VHF contest I have experienced since the 1959
version.  The usual strategy for me as a QRP station is to search and pounce: 
dig, scratch, plea, call on cw, shout (well, shouting doesnâ??t help much at
this power level).   But on 6 meters in this contest I was able to sustain long
runs calling CQ on SSB, some over an hour.   In between these runs I visited the
CW part of the band and usually came away with a handful of Qs there; I made a
total of 100 CW QSOs on 6.  Some of these runs were made possible by the
intense single-hop skip to the highly populated Philadelphia to Boston Axis. 
Highest Q totals on 6 were with FN20 (34), FN31 (30) and FN42 (24).  But, the
conditions were so good and so widespread that sometimes I actually held a
frequency for a while working wider areas.  I had worked 98 grids on 6 meters
in June running QRP portable in Michigan.  I didnâ??t dream that I would exceed
that in this contest. 

Two meters was also good in the Midwest, although I limited my time there
mostly to late Saturday evening and early Sunday morning.  I was quite pleased
that most people heard me on the first call, thanks to the good conditions. 
Greatest distances worked were North Dakota, Oklahoma and Eastern Ohio, from my
QTH in northwestern Illinois.  I missed the Es on 2; guess I was having too much
fun on 6.

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