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[3830] CQP County and State/Prov. Multiplier abbreviations are NEW!

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Subject: [3830] CQP County and State/Prov. Multiplier abbreviations are NEW!
From: Ken Keeler <kenkeeler@jazznut.com>
Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2006 21:40:44 -0700
List-post: <mailto:3830@contesting.com>
During our Thursday night practice, using CQP rules in prep. for the 
California QSO Party this weekend, many of us observed that not all 
contesters are aware of the new abbreviations for CA counties (four 
letters) and states/provinces (two letters).  Please go to http://www.cqp.org/
to retrieve and print out both lists.  Then update your logging software 
files so that the log-checking software will correctly score your logs..

Other observations from Thursday night:
40m and 80m are going long very early.  We suggest CA and nearby states 
check 40m all day long for activity, especially CW on the half hour, 
looking for the mobiles moving through the counties.  A suggested 
rendezvous time on Saturday and Sunday for CA, NV, OR,...on 40m is at 2000Z.

Don't forget 160m, which should be usable from CA sunset on.  N6O will have 
stations on all low bands from 01Z, and all through the night to beyond 
sunrise.  We'll have a station on 40m for all 30 hours, CW on the half hours.

There's another chance to check your stations and software on Friday night, 
0230Z, CQP rules.


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