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[3830] CaQP VE6TN SOFixed LP

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Subject: [3830] CaQP VE6TN SOFixed LP
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Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2006 15:38:17 -0700
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                    California QSO Party

Call: VE6TN
Operator(s): VE6TN
Station: VE6TN

Class: SOFixed LP
Operating Time (hrs): 18

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
  160:    8      3
   80:   34     37
   40:   38     64
   20:  123    257
   15:   14      1
Total:  217    362  Mults = 58  Total Score = 79,750

Club: Alberta Clippers


Things were looking pretty good for doing better than last year.  Unfortunately,
15m just didn't open between CA and Alberta.  Ten metres was dead.

I'm in the middle of selling my radio gear to purchase a new contest radio, so
I had to use my IC7000 mobile.  Nice radio but I sure do miss the big radio
dial features in a contest.

Everything seemed A-Ok to start the contest.  The pre-season contest checkouts
had everything work as expected.  Then just as the contest started . . . my
logging computer harddrive crashed.  My microphone got a ridiculous BuZZ in the
audio, and my new MFJ voicekeyer seems to start the IC7000 to scan-up just by
plugging in the mic cable.  How could this happen when the day before
everything checked out perfect!  Good grief . . . . . 

About an hour and a half into the contest I got the computer running,
jury-rigged a bypass for the audio connections and figured out how to use the
voice keyer that is built into the IC7000.  I probably missed the only 15m
opening.  Anyway, this lost time due to equiment failure is really why I missed
my goal of bettering last years score.

Just got into a nice run when the XYL showed up and wanted conversation time
about kid-issues.  Not a problem as I have been out of town most of the last
month on business and get home and immediately jump into contest mode.  Being
that I want to smooth things over for a serious CQWW DX effort this year and
being that we needed to discuss some important issues, I hung up the key for an
hour without a fuss.  Issue resolved and away we go into contesting.

All in all I had a lot of fun (as always).  I only got spotted once and the
rate jumped for about ten minutes then settled down to a steady trickle.  Why
is it that callers come in schools just like fish?  Ten minutes of calling
(nothing) then 4 people call at the same time, you work two and the other two
have moved on . . . . . .

Hope to work everyone again next year!

Barry - VE6TN

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