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[3830] CaQP W6PT M/SCntyExp HP

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Subject: [3830] CaQP W6PT M/SCntyExp HP
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Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2006 16:59:17 -0700
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                    California QSO Party

Call: W6PT
Operator(s): N7CW, K6QK, K6ZH, N7TY, NN6X, N6EEG
Station: W6PT

Class: M/SCntyExp HP
QTH: Imperial County
Operating Time (hrs): 30

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
   80:  101      93
   40:  296     221
   20:  361     491
   15:  208     218
   10:   23       1
    6:            1
    2:            1
Total:  989    1026  Mults = 58  Total Score = 291,102

Club: San Diego DX Club


Set up at Desert Tower in Imperial County as M/S, HP, County Expedition again
this year.  

We used the K6QK tower trailer with 4 elements on 20-15-10, 2 elements on 40,
and a dipole for 80.  Next year a 160 antenna goes with us!  K6ZH coined the
2el 40 the "BBH".  It was put together with parts from Bud, Bruce, and Harv. 
Bud and Harv donated a D40 rotatable dipole each and Bruce donated the boom
from an old TH-6 and all the hardware to connect it together; worked like a

Who said 15m was closed, we were running 'em on both days, and also had a few
Qâ??s on 10m.  Harv had a run on 40m phone Saturday night 10-12 deep for about
an hour; we never knew he could type so fast.  N7CW and K6ZH were rock steady,
taking up the slack on CW for N7TY and NN6X.  It was a long night for N7TY,
NN6X, and N6EEG.  Very little activity between 12am and 4am local, but they
managed enough Q's to justify pulling the all-nighter.

N7CW even drove all the way from his new QTH in Prescott, AZ to take part. 
Enrolled a new group member, N6EEG, in the "N7CW School of Contesting", well
done Dave!

It was a great weekend, after the dust settled, we managed to surpass our 2005
County Expedition winning and our 2nd Place M/S score.  We'll see how it all
falls out this year.  Can't wait until 2007!

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