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[3830] CaQP N6D M/MCntyExp HP

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Subject: [3830] CaQP N6D M/MCntyExp HP
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Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2006 20:53:28 -0700
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                    California QSO Party

Call: N6D
Operator(s): AC7ZG W7YAQ KI7Y N7MQ NC7M W7RCK
Station: N6D

Class: M/MCntyExp HP
QTH: Del Norte
Operating Time (hrs): 30

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
  160:   16      8
   80:  161     77
   40:  344    215
   20:  244    514
   15:   68    118
   10:    0      0
    6:    0      0
    2:    0      0
Total:  833    932  Mults = 57  Total Score = 248,691

Club: Willamette Valley DX Club


Our first effort. 2 stations M/M. Got all 58 California Counties (no mults here
though) but missed the real mults by 1 -- somehow never found MT even though
all the hard ones came quickly (NT,MAR,ND,RI,WV). 

Dipoles for 80m,40 up in the Redwood trees; sigma for 40; phased array for 20m;
steppir 2 el at 28 feet on mast; 160m screwdriver.  400 watts most of the time
-- had one amp die. 

Since the stations weren't networked, numbers started at 1 for each band-mode
per log checker's request. Discovered some interesting writelog errors by doing
this (it resets numbers randomly).

Bands sure died in the middle of the night - rates down to 8 per hour for 2

Surprised to work a real DELN HF ham in Fort Dick, and a mobile in downtown
Manhattan(NY), and a YB on 15m (that 15m opening both days was outstanding; we
tried 10m at the suggested 2000 utc on Sunday but it wasn't open to us).

This county is a LONG way from our home in Portland/Salem/Eugene Oregon but all
the ops want to do it again next year.

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