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[3830] JARTS VA7ST Single Op LP

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Subject: [3830] JARTS VA7ST Single Op LP
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Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2006 17:38:54 -0700
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                    JARTS WW RTTY Contest

Call: VA7ST
Operator(s): VA7ST
Station: VA7ST

Class: Single Op LP
QTH: Winfield BC
Operating Time (hrs): 19

 Band  QSOs  Pts  Mults
   80:   31   63    13
   40:   81  170    21
   20:  232  539    46
   15:   68  148    23
Total:  412  920   103  Total Score = 94,760



Band    QSOs    Pts  Cty   Sec
         3.5      31      63    1   12
           7      81     170    4   17
          14     232     539   22   24
          21      68     148   10   13
       Total     412     920   37   66

           Score : 94,760

* FT920 and N1MM Logger + MMTTY
* CL33 @ 45'
* 2-el 40M Inv. V beam E
* 80M Inv. V
* 18AVT/WB vertical

That was a tough slog... SFI75, A16, K4 -- and that was the good stuff (watched
a classic B-class event rise and fall at 0700z Sunday. Heard something ticking
away loudly on 40M just as the x-ray flux jumped).

15M open to NA, SA but not a JA in the log. Heard a couple real weak in the
final hour and tried hard for Asia but no luck.

20M open to NA, SA and AS some, but EU wasn't great other than a modest Sunday
morning opening. Was missing JA7 mult till found the rare one -- JH7KEY on 20
in the final hour. Lots trying to work him, so came back in 10 minutes and we
worked first call. Countries down to 22 from 54 last year.

40M was much better for me than in recent months. Was able to work stations in
broad daylight for the first time in ages -- went there for the final 15
minutes or so, not expecting to work anyone, and managed 9 Qs in 10 minutes.
Didn't find a W8 on 40 till the final few minutes though. Thought I'd miss the
mult entirely. Thanks N8NB. Ended up way down on countries from last year (4
vs. 7 so no biggie). 

80M was pretty bad. Big noise, weak signals. Only 1 country (KH6 down around
3525 Mhz) and 12 sections, down from  17 sections last year.

Plenty of VE7s in this one. Worked a few on 20M, which is rare for me and
probably indicates really bad propagation. Nice to hear VA7RY, VA7XX, VE7CF in
there. Saw VA7SW spotted a few times but never heard him.

Year over year shows the tale of gains from antenna work, and propagation
taking away from the improvements here:

Year    QSOs   Pts.   Mults    Score
2002    321    785      119    93,415
2003    114     --       46    12,926
2004    586   1428      156   222,768 
2005    673   1578      154   243,012
2006    412    920      103    94,760

As the clock wound down, I was shooting for more points than 2002. Just
squeaked by. Back then, I was running a G5RV at 25'. These days, it's a low
yagi (45'), a well-radialed vertical, and 70'-high inverted-Vs, but you'd never
know the difference when conditions are like this. Mults that year 119. Only 103
this year. Yikes.

Looking at taking down the inverted-Vs and going back to the delta loops (1 on
80, twins on 40) for 80 and 40, in time for CQWW CW. Haven't had nearly as much
success with the inv.-Vs, including the 2 element beam.

Ground-mounted vertical is a useful second antenna on 40 and 20. Not good on
80. Linear-loaded rotary 40 dipole hasn't proven itself yet, and I suspect it's
a dog. Could use its coax run up the tower for something better, hi.

Looking forward to slowly improving conditions by next fall. They can't get
much worse than they are right now.

Sure a lot of you guys getting old, hi. Stay well -- we need you. Not many of
us 40-somethings around, and fewer 30-somethings. Plenty of younger European
ops on this weekend. Maybe by the time I'm 70, I'll have an antenna to work 'em
on 40M :)

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