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Subject: Re: [3830] [CQ-Contest] Average ages of contesters...
From: Robert Chudek - KØRC <k0rc@citlink.net>
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Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2006 14:13:22 -0500
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I received a Top Ten log from a DXer who ran the JARTS RTTY contest. I am going 
to analyze this information this week and post some of the findings. With this 
larger dataset, I am sure the numbers will change.

For example, those supposedly "old fellows" over there in the United Kingdom 
are really not 68.1 years on average. Preliminary investigate of this 2,000+ 
entry log reveals their average age to be 54.8 years.

My log was obviously biased. The only conclusion I can make is that the 
seasoned "G" contesters are better at getting their signals into the upper 
Midwest of the USA??? What is that old saying... "Age and wisdom triumph youth 
and exuberance!" :-)

As I mentioned in my original message, I did this analysis "just for fun" and 
the results will contain a lot of "bullet holes". In any case, I hope you enjoy 
looking at some of these spreadsheets while you wait for the contest season to 

73 de Bob - KØRC in MN

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    58.3   USA (209)

  Yea and some of us late fifties types are getting a little old to look 
forward to 48 hours in the chair.  Who's coming behind us?

  Steve, K4RF
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