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Subject: [3830] CQWW SSB K0RC SOAB(A) LP
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Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2006 17:24:34 -0800
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                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

Call: K0RC
Operator(s): K0RC
Station: K0RC

Class: SOAB(A) LP
QTH: 4
Operating Time (hrs): 16.7

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:   18     4        1
   80:   17     8        9
   40:   13     8        7
   20:  158    25       68
   15:  172    23       62
   10:   18     5        7
Total:  396    73      154  Total Score = 234,718

Club: Minnesota Wireless Association


The phone contests are not my favorite so I had no problem wandering off to
attend to other chores around the house. I painted a kitchen wall, hung some
pictures, went to the hardware store, mailed some packages, repaired a broken
keyer, slept a lot, etc. Total contest hours were under 17.

My contest highlight was breaking some of the pileups in low power class.
Sometimes you get lucky with timing your call just right!

Fellow club member Rich, N0HJZ, traveled to Canada and put VB4MWA on the air. I
hope you worked him! I had to work him long path on 20m because he wouldn't
respond to my calls with the yagi pointed NW.

Saturday I broken the boom off my Heil BM-2 and spent an hour looking for the
spares I bought for this occassion. I put them someplace I'd be sure to
remember. I'm still looking. I strapped on the Proset but that mic element
didn't seem to have enough gain for the Icom.

Conditions were definately better on Saturday for EU and Asia paths. Sunday was
pretty much SA and some OC toward the end. But maybe I missed some of the other
paths because of my errands.

I heard K7RC and K0RF active so I expected the normal callsign confusion. It
wasn't bad but what threw me was a consistent mistake of "Whiskey Zero" instead
of "Kilo Zero". I'm going to have to listen to my DVK on a second radio to see
what's up with that! I also heard K1TTT and K2TTT during the contest. Did David
build a second station in 2-land?

This was my first contest with the Icom IC-756 Pro III. It worked flawless and
I took advantage of the Twin PBT often. I discovered the Notch filter has a 3rd
position that eliminates CW or tuner-upper tones. It didn't help with the QRM
when the SSTVers who the pictures on 14.228.

I was using the new W1VE realtime scoreboard. It's in the beta shake-down stage
right now. It worked well during the weekend although there were a few outages
along the way. I'm sure in the long run, this tool will change the fact of

My 18 contacts on 10m were Carribean and South America stations, although the
bandmap was loaded "green" (double mults) quite often. On the opposite end of
the spectrum (literally) my 18 contacts were with our friends in Canada. I can
hear the DX on 160m but my 100 Watts just doesn't make the trip. My low
inverted vee (70 ft apex) doesn't help get my signal into EU.

73 de Bob - K0RC in MN

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