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Subject: [3830] CQWW SSB TM2Y(@F6BEE) M/M HP
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Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 11:54:40 -0800
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                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

Call: TM2Y
Operator(s): F1FNQ, F5UTN, F6BEE, F8CRH
Station: F6BEE

Class: M/M HP
Operating Time (hrs): 46

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:  347    11       53
   80: 1022    19       87
   40:  893    24       91
   20: 2077    39      143
   15: 1685    34      127
   10:  569    21       92
Total: 6593   148      593  Total Score = 8,616,348



When I saw my antennas and one of the towers after having been called by my
neighbour after monday PM local hurricane, I first thought the contest season
was over, at least the CQ WW DX SSB. The 15m boom of the 5 el 20m beam (at 24m)
was folded at the mast clamp, with half of the antenna now upside down over the
2nd half. Broken 20m rotor. Three half elements of the 15m beam (at 21m, on the
same tower)were bent, same situation for the 40 m beam on another tower and a 5
WL 2m yagi on a 3rd tower also had its boom bent at 45° from its alignment. 
The broken trees are just a detail bringing work of no use for radio.
As we found only 4 operators, we had planned a M/S for a couple of weeks and as
3 of us had took friday and monday off, so we decided that we would go to the
station, fix as many antennas as we could during daylight on friday and operate
at will after the tiring day(s) and with the antennas available at the time.
On friday, 2 of us spent 4 hours each on towers, taking down the 2m, 15m and
20m  bent antennas, having to cut the boom of the 20m to take it down safely.
Yann F5UTN brought his 4 el 20 m beam that was sleeping in his garage and we
put it on top the the tower. Dark came too early and at 7 PM Franck F8CRH said
he couldn't see the bolt holes of the 15m beam. So we left it at 21m tied to
the side of the tower. We put it back to its side mount on saturday morning and
it took less than 90 minutes, with no QSOs.  As both 15 and 20 m beam are on the
shunt-fed 160m tower, I first thought the 160 m wouldn't load but it did, with a
VSWR higher than usual but the antenna was still doing well in the first night
and perfectly after the 15 m was attached.
We didn't do anything on the 40 m beam because we were tired, had no time left
and also because the VSWR dip had moved from 7030 to 7120, workable for an SSB
contest in a country were we can't still operate over 7100.

As we had not scheduled the operating rounds for the originally planned M/S
operation and after several discussions, we decided 20 mn before the contest
start to enter M/M, with the objective to beat the very low F record (made from
my station when it was also in bad shape in 1994).   We did it !

We were very diappointed by the 40m, with no run to the US. We supposed the
antenna was not radiating well because the linear loadings of all 3 elements
had moved sideway and were bent, thus detuning all the antenna.  The beam was
taken down on monday morning to replace the bent tubings for the CW contest.  

So, though the score is not good for a M/M, we all had our share of fun, we had
many new experiences and fatigue and best of all, we entred the contest.

CU you all in CW, some ops from TM2Y and other from 6W1RW.

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