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Subject: [3830] CQWW SSB TI5N(W8QZA) SOAB QRP
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Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 20:36:32 -0800
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                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, SSB

Call: TI5N
Operator(s): W8QZA
Station: TI5KD

QTH: Costa Rica
Operating Time (hrs): 43 hrs

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160:    1     1        1
   80:   19     8        8
   40:   72    16       41
   20:  313    19       45
   15:  615    24       58
   10:  292    13       19
Total: 1372    81      172  Total Score = 761,277



Condx were not good, but I got a decent opening on 10 meters to the States on
Sunday and was able to run 250 Qs over 2 hours.  But all USA and Canada!

It was fun to be asked by 3V6T and 5B/AJ2O to go to another band.  I NEVER get
asked to do that from home ....HI!

This year I went the entire first night without sleep.  I have never done that
before.  The second night I slept 3 hours from 2 AM to 5 AM local time.  That
is a record for no sleep in a contest for me.  The other two hours of off time
came from eating and clean up during especially slow times.

My real advantage came from the runs from CQing.  I did 4 hours on 15 meters on
Saturday and got 425 Qs.  I did 2 hours on 10 meters on Sunday and got 255 Qs.
After that run, I did 1 hour and 15 minutes on 20 meters and got 190 Qs.  So in
a little over 7 hours of op time I got 870 Qs or almost 2/3 of my total Qs in
the contest! The only trouble is that they were almost all USA and Canada, and
no mults.  So the entire rest of the contest was S & P, and I still didn't get
a good number of country mults. 

Well, it was great fun!  Keko and Sophie are wonderful hosts, and Sophie is a
fantastic cook, serving me at the rig during the contest!  You can read about
the group that went down there for the 2005 CQ WWDX SSB contest in the lead
article in the Oct 2006 CQ Magazine.

Thanks to all those that dug out my weak QRP sig!

73,  ...Bill   W8QZA  qrp

Kenwood TS 940s with output set at 5 watts.
Writelog contest logging program.

Antennas at TI5KD:          

Quad up 25 meters, 4 el 10M, 3 el 15M and 20M

TH6 Tribander up 25 meters, fixed north

2 el yagi for 40M up 30 meters

2 el 40M Quad fixed at 20 degrees

80M rotatable short dipole up 32 meters

80M loop with apex up 27 meters

160M inverted V with apex up 30 meters

A3 tribander up 12 meters fixed 135 degrees

20M 4 el yagi fixed north up 15 meters

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