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[3830] ARRL 160 PJ2T(K8ND) Single Op HP

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Subject: [3830] ARRL 160 PJ2T(K8ND) Single Op HP
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Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2006 11:18:08 -0800
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                    ARRL 160-Meter Contest

Call: PJ2T
Operator(s): K8ND
Station: PJ2T

Class: Single Op HP
QTH: Curacao
Operating Time (hrs): 

Total:  QSOs = 1185  Sections = 77  Countries = 0  Total Score = 182,490

Club: Mad River Radio Club



  Radio: FT-1000MP Mark V Field
  Amp:   Ten Tec Titan III
  TX Antenna:  Inv-L  (~60 feet vertical, rest
                       sloping up to 90 feet)
  RX Antenna:  USA Beverage (750 feet)
               Flag (USA East Coast)
               Flag (USA West Coast)
               Europe Beverage (1000 feet)
  RX Antenna Switching: K9AY RAS-8x2

This was the second time I've tried the ARRL 160 Contest from the Signal Point
Station, PJ2T, sticking around after the PJ2T CQWW CW Contest operation. 

You have to really like 160 meters to operate from 12 degrees North of the
equator! Noise is a constant, and the only thing standing between a tolerable
weekend and a bust is the movement of storm fronts.

I have a relative measure I use to evaluate how the noise is at any given time.
I listen on the inv-L, and note the S-meter. For the week before the contest, it
was about S9 with crashes to +30 dB, pretty much normal for Curacao at night. On
both nights of the contest, the S-meter was about S7 - S8 with crashes to +20
dB, a big difference and a good sign!

The signal was loud enough to hold a run frequency, and except for some rude
louts who settled 50 Hz  from me and started their own CQs (ignoring my  "QRL"
statements), I was staying pretty much in one place. People got more rude on
the second night.

Roughly 40% of the QSOs went like this:

  Me: "CQ PJ2T"
  Caller: "K8A <Noise CRASH!>"
  Me: "K8A? 599"
  Caller "<Crash> 8AJ <Crash!> 599 <Crash>"
  Me: "K8AJ? CL?"
  Caller: "K8A <Crash> 8AJS <Crash!) K8A <Crash> BK"
  Me: "K8AJS?"
  Caller "R <Crash> R R <Crash> R R"
  Me: "SEC?
  CAller: "OH <Crash!> OH <Crash> BK"
  Me: "K8AJS TU PJ2T"

By the end of the first night, I had surpassed the South American record that I
set in two nights in 2003, and thought that ZF2NT's 2002 DX World Record in this
contest (150,176-993-76) was within reach.

First night rates were excellent, with two hours at 98, one at 90, one at 84,
and one at 77!

One bad point. On the second night, I was plagued early by a very strong
opening to Europe for a  few hours around 0000Z! I heard what I thought was a
weak W4, and was cycling among the receive antennas to see if I could copy him
on any of them. I hit the Europe Beverage button, and up popped VERY strong UU4
and G4 stations! They were not alone. At any other time, I would have loved
working such an opening, but as I was chasing a personal goal in the ARRL 160
Meter Contest, I announced "No EU" and  switched the RX antennas back to my
target audience. 

The Europeans and other DX kept calling, and I was chasing nothing but phantom
W1, W2, W3, VE3, etc. stations, and the rate failed to build. Frankly, I lost
my cool and told off one particular unfortunate DL in no uncertain terms. For
that, I apologize! I cooled off after about 15 minutes, and just ignored the DX
callers as best I could. I see from reviewing the spots that some European
posters noted that I wanted no EU, and that may have reduced the number of
callers. The Europe opening faded after 2-3 hours.


Hour      160    Total     Cumm 
D1-2200Z  17/11   17/11     17/11  
D1-2300Z  69/22   69/22     86/33  
D2-0000Z  98/16   98/16    184/49  
D2-0100Z  84/10   84/10    268/59  
D2-0200Z  78/9    78/9     346/68  
D2-0300Z  98/2    98/2     444/70  
D2-0400Z  90/2    90/2     534/72  
D2-0500Z  77/1    77/1     611/73  
D2-0600Z  47/1    47/1     658/74  
D2-0700Z  46/1    46/1     704/75  
D2-0800Z  34/0    34/0     738/75  
D2-0900Z  37/0    37/0     775/75  
D2-1000Z  31/1    31/1     806/76

D2-2200Z  20/0    20/0     826/76
D2-2300Z  28/0    28/0     854/76  
D3-0000Z  32/0    32/0     886/76  
D3-0100Z  40/0    40/0     926/76  
D3-0200Z  34/0    34/0     960/76  
D3-0300Z  41/0    41/0    1001/76  
D3-0400Z  41/1    41/1    1042/77  
D3-0500Z  44/0    44/0    1086/77  
D3-0600Z  27/0    27/0    1113/77  
D3-0700Z  26/0    26/0    1139/77  
D3-0800Z  21/0    21/0    1160/77  
D3-0900Z   7/0     7/0    1167/77  
D3-1000Z  15/0    15/0    1182/77  
D3-1100Z   3/0     3/0    1185/77  

Total:  1185/77

The last QSO of the contest was made at 1125Z wih an Ohio station, a full 43
minutes after the cruel Caribbean sun had made a full appearance!

Thanks to Geoff W0CG/PJ2DX and his two non-Ham friends Fred and Lynda, who
agreed to share the Signal Point house with me for the week following CQWW CW
and who kept me fed during the week! Also, to Jim W8WTS and his XYL Jan, who
along with the others helped to re-point the Flag antennas from their CQWW
directions to USA bearings. 

And, as always thanks to the other 18 members of the Caribbean Contesting
Consortium, for their support in the building and maintenance of the PJ2T

And finally, thanks to all who called and either worked me or went away
disappointed! I hope to see all of you (plus all those spurned DX stations)
during the CQWW 160 CW Contest, when I will be back at Signal Point and
listening hard through the noise!

73,  Jeff  K8ND

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