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[3830] ARRL June VHF N7IR Single Op Port QRP

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Subject: [3830] ARRL June VHF N7IR Single Op Port QRP
From: webform@b4h.net
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Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2008 19:12:10 -0700
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                    ARRL June VHF QSO Party

Call: N7IR
Operator(s): N7IR
Station: N7IR

Class: Single Op Port QRP
Operating Time (hrs): 23
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Mults
    6:  230   120
    2:   24    11
  222:    4     3
  432:    0     0
  1.2:    1     1
Total:  259   135  Total Score = 35,775

Club: Central Arizona DX Association


Slow start but good finish to this contest.  Third highest score out of the
seven times that I've participated in this insanity.  

The 432 transverter died this year and probably cost 6000 points in lost Qs and
mults.  The Elecraft 222 and 432 MHz transverters both have stability problems
that seem to be designed in.  No amount of tweaking and adjusting that I have
done has made them field reliable (last year it was the 222 unit that died). 
However, the Elecraft 50 and 144 MHz transverters just sit there and plug away
happily at any temperature and battery voltage.

Temperatures were a little on the warm side in Arizona this past weekend, even
at 7300 feet.  The thermometer on the portable clock said 106F for a while each
afternoon.  Granted that was when the sun was hitting the operating shelter

Had a number of firsts this year.  
First QSO with a road grader mobile: W0ODZ/M in DM42.  
First 2 meter sporadic-E QSO: KA0RYT in EN35.     
Most contacts with Mexico: 6.  
Most CW contacts: 17 (14 on 6 meters).

In summary this contest turned out to be a lot of fun!

Equipment Description:
Battery powered, 10 watts PEP maximum output (read the rules guys!)
2 Elecraft K2 IF transceivers
Top Ten Devices DX Doubler
Elecraft KRC2 band data interface for 23cm IF switch
DEM 144-28DC xverter IF for 23 cm
6 Meters: Elecraft XV50 xverter and 3el M2 Yagi @ 33'
2 Meters: Elecraft XV144 xverter and 9el M2 Yagi @ 20'
135 cm: Elecraft XV222 xverter and 10el M2 Yagi @ 15'
70 cm: Elecraft XV432 xverter, Landwehr preamp and 18el M2 Yagi @ 26'
23 cm: DEM 1296-144 xverter, DEM amp and preamp and 45el DS Loop Yagi @ 19'
33, 26 and 19 foot Portaple(tm) masts

Gary, N7IR

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