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[3830] RAC Day VE3DZ SOAB LP

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Subject: [3830] RAC Day VE3DZ SOAB LP
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Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2008 06:16:38 -0700
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                    RAC Canada Day Contest

Call: VE3DZ
Operator(s): VE3DZ
Station: VE3DZ

Class: SOAB LP
QTH: Toronto
Operating Time (hrs): 20

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  CW Mults  Ph Mults
  160:   19      6       4         3
   80:   73     69       7         8
   40:  142     67      10        10
   20:  226    235      10        11
   15:   45     13       8         3
   10:    6      3       2         1
    6:    2      1       1         1
Total:  513    394      42        37  Total Score = 483,480

Club: Contest Club Ontario


I did not intend to do the contest seriously, considering very good weather and
working day for the rest of the world, however, when I heard John VE3EJ making
very serious effort, I decided to stay for as much as possible to support our
national HAM Radio event.  
I have not been doing serious contesting from home for months... In fact, last
serious effort from my home station was last August in CW NAQP... All antennas
are still working, however, still no antenna for 75 m, so had to use extra
tuner to tune my 80 m antenna - my aplogies for puny signal on this band. 
The noise level has just increased in time, in addition to my usual line noise
and neighbour's washer/dryer, a good half of 40 m band was wiped out by some
kind of whooping noise, the source yet to be determined... Very frustrating. I
know I had to be more agressive in moving mults and 10/20 pointers from band to
band, but sometimes I just couldn't push myself enough to do so...
Well, time to search for new QTH???
Thanks to all for the Q's and especially to those who agreed to move for me
(VE3EJ, VE3KZ, VE3XB, VE3EK, VE3NE, VE9DX - to name just a few). Conditions
were quite fair and activity was quite decent for a working day. 
Waiting patiently for Sam's VE5SF score. Seems like we were in the same
category this year again.

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