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Subject: [3830] IARU KB4KBS SO CW LP
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Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2008 13:42:58 -0700
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                    IARU HF World Championship

Call: KB4KBS
Operator(s): KB4KBS
Station: KB4KBS

Class: SO CW LP
QTH: Home
Operating Time (hrs): 5 Hour

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Zones  HQ Mults
   40:   60     0      9        8
Total:   60     0      9        8  Total Score = 2,346

Club: South East Contest Club


This was my first-ever CW-only ham radio contest.  A huge thanks goes to W3WL
and the gang at the North Fulton Amateur Radio League (NFARL) for their
inspiration during Field Day.

I will confess upfront that I used CW Skimmer.  You can be "a hater" if you
want to, but without it I would have just turned the rig off and not even
tried. With an average sending speed that was 25WPM+, and some ops sounding
like machine gune fire, whats a beginner to do? Stay out of the pool and only
let "the big boys" have all of the fun? So what if I had my "water wings" on? 
By the end of the contest I was providing fills with the iambic keyer, and
picking out partial calls, so for me, it was a great experience. CW Skimmer
gave me the confidence I needed to wade into a major contest and provide a few
more contacts to the real players.  Discount my score if you feel you must, but
you can't discount my enjoyment of the event; and yes, I did enjoy it enough to
stay up until nearly 1:30AM even though I had a 5:00AM alarm clock expecting to
see my shining face.  Monday won't be fun... for my co-workers, I'll be
whistling "CQ TEST" all day :)

-Scott, KB4KBS

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