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Subject: [3830] IARU N1LN SO CW HP
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Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2008 17:11:19 -0700
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                    IARU HF World Championship

Call: N1LN
Operator(s): N1LN
Station: N1LN

Class: SO CW HP
QTH: NC-08
Operating Time (hrs): 8.0

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Zones  HQ Mults
   80:   68     0       9      13
   40:  239     0      21       8
   20:  225     0      16      11
   15:  104     0      15      11
Total:  636     0      61      43  Total Score = 217,360

Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club


Didn't have much time to participate this weekend...yes, my choice.  K3 # 1193
arrived on Thursday afternoon.  By Sunday morning (after the contest had
already ended) the K3 was done and on the air but something had to suffer.  Now
K3 #1193 is sitting next to K3 #1062.   This was the first time I got to use the
K3 in a contest and it was indeed a pleasure.  I look forward to many more as
well as hosting some multi-op events in the near future.

Conditions were not very consistent from here in NC.  Twenty mtr EU opened late
on Saturday, so I decided to mow the lawn before it got real hot.   By 11:00 I
was back in the house (I was real hot...) and 20 sounded like it had been open
for hours.  Because it had.  After a few hours of building and going out wiht
my wife, it was back on the air.  Saturday evening started with my EU beverage
not working.  Fortunately it was not yet dark.  Out to the cable house I went
with all the tools to quickly exchange the coax connector on the temp RG8X. 
After the quick swap it was back in business.   Good thing as EU was banging in
on 40.  Without the NE beverage the US mid-west storm would have made the couple
of hours I spent there much less fun.  40 was also fun on Sunday morning.  I got
back on about 10:30 UTC and was working US, VE and Carib when V63 called in,
shortly followed by a few VKs and ZLs.  

All in all - 8 hrs of fun - the K3 is here to stay.  

Bruce - N1LN
(aka: NC4KW)

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