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[3830] BARTG Sprint KI7MT Single Op HP

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Subject: [3830] BARTG Sprint KI7MT Single Op HP
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Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2011 19:38:17 -0800
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                    BARTG RTTY Sprint

Call: KI7MT
Operator(s): KI7MT
Station: KI7MT

Class: Single Op HP
QTH: Montana
Operating Time (hrs): 12.5

 Band  QSOs  Pts
   40:  274  274
   20:  335  335
   15:  115  115
Total:  724  724  Mults = 53  Total Score = 191,860



Thanks to BARTG for another great contest.

I planned on doing the full 24hrs, but fell asleep at the helm just before
half-time. I woke up way too early for this one (about 1am local). When arose
from my cat-nap to the sound of diddles, then spun the dial to see what was
going on, 40M seemed very quiet or those I was hearing were already in the log.
At that point, I cashed in the chips. I lost my 80M/160M Inv-V last week in a
75mph wind storm, or I would have pushed to stay the full 24. 

Several big scores from the heavy hitters went into the log, well before
half-time; W0YK/6, AA3B, WA5ZUP, VA2UP, P40YL, K1FSA just to name a few.

I must have set a record for dupes. Had at least 4 in the first 30 minutes, but
on the flip-side, allot of New RTTY calls came across the screen in this one.

I saw several fellas getting scolded for being in the 40M "digital sub-band";
comments like "This Is The Digital Portion of The Band you "XYZ"". Just FYI,
JA's lower allocation is 7025 to 7045, so where should we QSO with them, 7100
to 7200? I can only imagine the response to that one. There was one that I saw,
out of several commentators, identify him/herself and kindly asked the offending
station if they could QSY, which they did. Was nice to see how things can work
if done properly.

15/20 was very disappointing. I thought with an SFI of 88 and low K/A numbers,
conditions should have been much better. I didn't hear any EU and only one AF
station on 15M. Normally, 15M and AF goes like clockwork, but not this weekend.
20M was soft throughout but I did manage to get a few in the log. I only heard
one VK station, but worked several ZL. JA's were plentiful on 20M/40M, but I
didn't work any JA's on 15M, which is very odd, as normally that's where the
the bunker crop is.

Had a couple surprise calls come in from OA land, OA4/PA3GFE whom I tried twice
to put in DU land :-), and OA6/OE3NHW (send that call a few times on CW WOW! ).
Was nice to see PZ5 and E51 pop in for a while. Was also nice to get YB1ACN,
HL4CJG and DU1UGZ in the log when 20M was on it's way out. Worked about 10 or
so UK stations, nice seeing how this is the BARTG :-)

I made several changes to my traditional macro setup, used GRAB, CLRRX and
STACKANOTHER a bit differently, which made things go much smoother. Rates were
up and runs went without issue for the most part. Pulling a call out of the
pile was troublesome at times, but I can live that problem :-) 

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the end result, considering the conditions, time
spent and only using 2x copper pipes 10ft off the ground :-) I'm not going set
any records, win any paper nor wood with this score, but was a good run up for
the WPX & NAQP.

Next Up: CQ 160M CW, then CQ WPX and NAQP.

See ya in the pile up's.


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