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[3830] NCCC Sprint N6ZFO LP

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Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2011 10:02:12 -0800
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                    NCCC Sprint Ladder - Jan28

Call: N6ZFO
Operator(s): N6ZFO
Station: N6ZFO

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 0.50

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:   3      1
   80:  17     13
   40:  23     16
   20:   1      1
Total:  44     31  Total Score = 1,364

Club: Northern California Contest Club


Nearly a bad QLF . . . after using the re-juvinated bug last week I returned to
the keyer. Fortunately listened around 30m for a while, first working 9M2/R6AF,
then switching to the keyer and joining [fuitlessly as it turned out] the VP8ORK
pileup. Surprisingly, it took some time to re-learn the paddles.  

OK . . 1 Q on 20 -- N6RO. . nothing else.*  40m was odd. .  Bro Bill K0UK was
strong  but he couldn't hear me (East Beverage???). . . W0BH seemed to hear me
fine but i couldn't hear him . .sri for the dropped Q, Bob (I think you came
back). So 2 mults missed. 80 was great .  didn't get to 160 quick enough to
work more than CA; clock said 03:00:05 with two stations calling .  but I
resisted that temptation, as we all should but sometimes don't. 

Good to hear new calls this week.  Now caught up on scores and will try to keep
current as we go into the final weeks of NSL 10. Hope some of you will send
emails to the new guys, welcoming them to the game.  

73 Bill n6zfo

*Got a kick out of the little "dance" w/RO at the beginning. . each of sending
our calls and a couple dits as the magic hour approached. .playing a little
waiting game, knowing the initiating stn will get one Q, not 2.  This week it
was Ken, as I caved first and sent the exchange.  Obviouse case where SO2R
would be beneficial. i.e. CQ on 40m while copying Ken's 20m exchange, then
returning to same freq on 20 to pick up the other half of Ken's couplet.

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