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[3830] Commonwealth 9H1XT Open-24 HP

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Subject: [3830] Commonwealth 9H1XT Open-24 HP
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Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2012 22:03:45 -0700
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                    RSGB Commonwealth Contest, CW

Call: 9H1XT
Operator(s): 9H1XT
Station: 9H1XT

Class: Open-24 HP
QTH: xghajra, Malta
Operating Time (hrs): 14

 Band  QSOs
   80:   29
   40:   80
   20:   44
   15:  250
   10:   50
Total:  453  Total Score = 4,005



I had it in the back of my mind to give a better shot at this year's Beru than I
usually do for most contests. I had re furbished the Low Bands vertical
replacing the top guys. I planned to use this on 80 and 40m which together with
my 15m and 10m monobanders were more or less a good set antenna set up.

The weak point was 20m on which I only had an F2DH recently acquired off the
Old US embassy building and set up in inverted V position, the apex about 12m
up. Although a 5el monobander is in the pipeline for this band, it still in
unmounted pieces stage. Perhaps ready for next year.
I was working Sat morning so I had to miss the first 2 hours or so.
Rig was the old Kenwood TS870s with an Ameritron AL81 amp and logging on the
N1MM logger.

Location is Xghajra, on the SE coast of the island on a sloping hillside to the
sea at about 50m asl, 2km down the coast from Valletta.

On Friday, Malta was hit by force 9 winds which blew all day. The vertical was
split at about 2/3 up making it useless. Repair was not a valid option. With
able help it takes two of us about three hours to unmount and re-erect.

On Sunday the rotator that turned the two monobanders became usable only from
90 to 180 degrees. This was OK for 9m2, 9m6, 5b4,ZL,VK and VU2 but the main
stream was in the opposite direction. In the end most of the G and VE, I had to
work off the back of the beam. The F2DH was used on 80m, 40m and 20m. 

Overall I operated about 14 hours getting a good night sleep midway in the

Best Regards to the two visitors on the Island 9H3C and 9H3ET especially Peter
for his heroic effort. I have been to the whereabouts he operated from. If the
blows at Zebbug it REALLY blows. With the force 9 winds he had to face, he has
to explain how he kept his CAR on the ground never mind the antennae!!!!

Thanks to all the guys who called.

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