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[3830] IARU W4IX SO Mixed LP

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Subject: [3830] IARU W4IX SO Mixed LP
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Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2012 18:14:41 -0700
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                    IARU HF World Championship

Call: W4IX
Operator(s): W4IX
Station: W4IX

Class: SO Mixed LP
Operating Time (hrs): 24

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Zones  HQ Mults
  160:   18      1      3        2
   80:   76     10     10        8
   40:  168     41     20       23
   20:  328    145     24       36
   15:  241    138     24       38
   10:   83     28     16       10
Total:  914    363     97      117  Total Score = 799,718

Club: South East Contest Club


Kenwood TS940S 100 watts
Dentron MT-2000A Tuner
VK-64 Keyer ( all my keying is manual as I do not have any radio control )
MFJ-170 Antenna Switch
Rohn HBX Tower at 38 feet ( 3 to 4 feet is buried in concrete )
TH7DX Tri Bander @ 40 feet
Old HyGain 105-BAS 5 ele. yagi ( this is an original Long John I have owned for
many years and have kept repairing it every time a storm or hurricane took it
down in Florida, I have since rebuilt it to the new LJ-105 Specs and it really
plays well )
N1MM logging ( I have Win Test but I love the ease of N1MM for Manual Logging

   Well had very high hopes when I saw the numbers going into this one. I found
out about the X Flare the night before. I had just got back in town from a 6
week road trip for work, had to assemble the station, all antenna feeds were
out at the tower ( I have not been home enough in 3 years to get my feeds where
I want them ), so when I leave I roll them up and put them at the base of my 38
foot Rohn HBX tower so my lawn guy doesn't destroy them when he cuts my grass
every week. I only have the TH7DX and 105BAs on the tower at 40 & 47 feet. All
my wire antennas have blown down from storms and I have not had time to put
anything up, so I decided I was just going to work low power mixed on the high
bands until they died. Well the sun just went down on Saturday and I had a
crazy notion that  still had the remnants of a 160 inv. L hanging in some
trees. The anchor line broke and the wind did what it wanted to when I was
gone, so I had about 25 feet of slack on the ground at the feed point, so I
tied a piece of string to the random wire and pulled it out to a tree about 2o
feet away so the wire went from the feed point on the ground rod, out 20 feet,
then back up in the air somewhere in the tree tops ( approx. 45 feet upo only
). Didn't have any radials so just a plain random wire with a Dentron MT-2000A
tuner. I was able to get pretty good matches on the watt meter on all 3 low
bands, so off to town I went, decided to make a run to the end. Even with a
nice match, I am sure it was very inefficent but heck, it gave me hope to work
everything I heard, and even though it took sometimes 15-20 calls before they
got it right, I was still making Q's. It was amazing to see how I could work
most of the Europeans I heard on 40 & 80, even Hawaii, ZL & VK, but could not
break through to most of the stuff to the south of me in the Carribean, Central
& South America...I really get a thrill seeing how much I can do with this small
station and low power and crappy antennas, but man, I need an AMP!!
73's to all you great contesters around the world and thanks for the patience
all these years...CU all in CQWW later this year...John / W4IX

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