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[3830] CQWW CW C5A M/M HP

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Subject: [3830] CQWW CW C5A M/M HP
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Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2012 04:46:45 -0800
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                    CQ Worldwide DX Contest, CW

Call: C5A
Station: C5A

Class: M/M HP
QTH: Banjul
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs   Zones  Countries
  160:   935    20       79
   80:  1835    29       97
   40:  3123    37      138
   20:  4266    39      154
   15:  4542    39      163
   10:  3431    38      149
Total: 18132   202      780  Total Score = 53,126,200



"Better late than never"
At first it is necessary to congratulate D4C to their nice result. Their effort
to restore the legendary D4B setup seems to be successful and I do believe that
as was the D4B station unbeatable in it's time it is now and will be in the

Our contest was not very satisfactory this time. The HV or industrial or what
interference is getting visit to visit considerably worse. When the
interference was from "South America" and was around 57 it was possible to live
with it, when it comes from North America and is 59 it is hard. We took ARDF
equipment with us in an attempt to locate it and to try to solve it. Well we
could find one source - the HV switch on 11kV line - even NAWEC solved the
problem but later we found it was not the main one. Actually only complete
IDIOT will set up his station 150m from HV substation, 250m from biggest DUMP
in Gambia, 400m from a JAIL with brand new electrical fence (this is cuplrit #1
but while comming close with ARDF rig - some soldier with a machine gun appears,
so beeing in Africa....), 500m from the Army barracks and about 700m from the
largest industry there - the huge peanut processing plant - HV line goes in and
ends there. Fortunately the interference was horizontaly polarized so we
understood we are stronger during the main opening toward USA on our 5Y/5Y
Yagis on 15m but we could hear only K3LR, NQ4I and similar - all the others
were hidden by RRRRRRR, on our 2x4SQ of vertical dipoles the noise was
considerably weaker so we could copy someone.... On 10m we had only Yagis so
our result is marked by this. The worst situation was of course on LowBands -
there we were probably loud but deaf. The main interference went usually on
around 16 GMT and off  around 09 GMT. It was off for about 15 minutes during
first night and it was super to see the huge pileups of USA on 160 and 80,
suddenly it was on again and the only audible on 160m was RRRRRRRR - not a
single station made it through. This was probably the most frustrating event of
the whole stay there.
Well there were of course nice moments - nice pileup to LongPass JA early
morning  - which we have seen first time here, pileups to EU which were
more-less undisturbed with the exception of 160m - there the interference was
of course bad in all directions. What was nice we could somehow come through -
well mostly only on 15m - to the Far Eastern multipliers - always a problem
here. Even with all the interference and our field day style setup we could
compete with the big station at HK1NA.

Our gracious hosts in Gambia - the Swedish couple who ran the Radio SYD is
considering to sell the house and move back to Sweden. So the decision was made
and similar to the Voodoo (well after considerably shorter time) we decided to
pack what was possible, and leave what was not. i.e. we left there well over
200m of various Aluminum tubing, well over 800m of H1000 coaxial cable.... We
have spent marvelous 6x 2 weeks in Gambia, I do believe we made a tiny dent
into CQ WW history.....

For sure will meet you all again from somewhere - next year most probably from
my own QTH in Brezina most probably as OL4A.

73 !
In behalf of the C5A group

Antennas :
160m 4SQ - 26m high elements - 16 radial each.
80m 4SQ - LAMBDA/4 elements - 16 radial each.
40m 4SQ - LAMBDA/4 elements - 16 radial each + 4 el.Yagi made of around
LAMBDA/4      elements
20m 4SQ of vertical dipoles + Spiderbeam @11m
15m 2x4SQ of vertical dipoles + 2x5Y@12/22m on the rotor (!)
10m 2x 2x5Y @6/14m turned by ropes tied to vegetation around
+ beverage 165m long - which did not worked
6x IC756PROIII + OMpower + Microkeyer

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