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[3830] WPX SO(A)20 HP KI7M

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Subject: [3830] WPX SO(A)20 HP KI7M
From: ki7m@comcast.net
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2013 19:24:41 +0000 (UTC)
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                    CQWW WPX Contest, SSB  2013 

Call: KI7M 

Operator(s): KI7M 
Station: KI7M 

Class: SO(A)20 HP 

QTH: Keizer, OR 

Operating Time (hrs): 27.5 

Band  QSOs 
   20:    1203 
Total:  1203 Prefixes = 542   Total Score = 1,002,158 


Comments:    I am worn out today and really frazelled so excuse me if I say 
something I might regret. I love this contest but the propation sometimes makes 
me feel somebody up there dosen't like me. Until Saturday night I was unable to 
develope any real strings of contacts. Just averaging about one a minute or 
minute and a half. Saturday night I started getting strings from the east coast 
and midwest and worked it as fast as I could. I thoroughly love working that 
way...3, even 4 a minute sometimes. 5 in a minute sometimes happens in some 
contest and that's hard but not this contest this time. CQWWPHN yes. 

Then the dreaded call, call, call and no one coming back. I remember working 
one N0 who said I was 59+40 but he was the only one who came back to my 'CQ 
Contest KI7M' for many minutes . An E7 called several times but kept 
disappearing when I went back to him? I was beginning to think either 
propagation really sucked on Sunday around noon or else 'nobody liked me'. I do 
get a little paranoid sometimes I guess es pecially after so much lack of sleep 
and static from the headphones . Under those condition it is 'do I move to hunt 
and peck or do I sit here and keep calling'. And I will just bet when I did 
move I  caused some QRM. Sorry if I caused that, the propagation did really get 
strange for a while like in and out meteor shower conditions. Calls would pop 
up and then were gone again. I try not to QRM people but let's face it, a big 
contest is a QRM-fest even if you don't mean too. 

I did get reminded to stay away from 14.313 by the guardians of the wholly 
grail there when I asked if it was in use...such language. (Hee Hee) 

Later Sunday all of the sudden around 20:30 or so Europe opened up again and I 
knocked off quite a few good ones and built the score up. Going after a YM3 and 
some other good ones I got reminded what it is like to go head to head in some 
good pileups and win...I can still do it! But it was feeling like I had worked 
everybody by late in the contest. Around 22:30 I began to hope I might  break a 
million points and during the last 15 or 20 minutes I managed to pull it off 
with the help of a few east coast, Calif.  and PY stations...just barely. I 
will bet my score  will get knocked down some by the contest committee for bad 
calls and wrong report numbers but we do our best and strive not to make those 

Anyway, I did break a million points! Thanks for the contacts and the fun (as 
well as the paranoia). 

Terry, KI7M 


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