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[3830] FlQP K0HC(W0BH) SchoolMixed HP

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Subject: [3830] FlQP K0HC(W0BH) SchoolMixed HP
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Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2013 20:44:08 -0700
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                    Florida QSO Party

Call: K0HC
Operator(s): W0BH
Station: K0HC

Class: SchoolMixed HP
Operating Time (hrs): 18.5
Radios: SO2R

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
   40:   33      9
   20:  345    225
   15:   20     18
Total:  398    252  CW Mults = 67  Ph Mults = 66  Total Score = 139,384



Great fun as always! One Hesston College Air Traffic Control student promised to
come out, but once again, finals week must have loomed large, so I was solo once

This year I decided to try for the SSB sweep, but things were looking grim
after Saturday. I still needed Okeechobee, Glades, and Monroe. For Sunday, I
knew N4AO/m was going through Glades and was listed as mixed, but I never once
heard him on SSB, so I wasn't sure about that one.  I missed K4KG/m in GLA
(SSB) and OKE (both modes) on Saturday when the band dropped. Others mentioned
a Monroe station on and calling CQ on SSB, but my Monroe came from a Key West
station who just turned his radio on. 

Much to my (double) surprise, AD4ES/m answered my SSB CQ around noon on Sunday
from Glades which is right next to Okeechobee. I say double surprise because he
was scheduled to run all 67 counties (I think in an airplane), but this was the
first time I heard his call all weekend. I probably should have begged more and
pleaded more and offered to pay for gas for a quick turnaround, but I didn't and
they forged ahead as we chatted for awhile. But hope continues!

In the last half hour, I worked two Indian River stations which were right next
to OKE. The first said next year he might get set up for a mobile run which I
enthusiastically endorsed, and the second said he'd try to round up someone to
give me a call. Unfortunately he only had two minutes and time expired!  Last
year it was DES on SSB that got me, this year OKE :-)

The mobiles did their usual outstanding job with K5YAA/m (visiting from
Oklahoma) taking the consistently loudest station into Kansas award with
Jerry's FB antenna trailer / generator setup for HP. NX4N took a close second.
K4KG/m has the fast SSB switch down to a science, and it was fun to work him
twice from many of his counties. In a QSO party where mults are by mode, any
mobile who picks up a mic is really appreciated (and you can still be CW-only).
Special thanks to AD8J/m, W5WMU/m, K5YAA/m, W4FCG, and AD4ES for the new SSB

Thanks to entire mobile gang! Let's see if I can get the stats right:

86 K4KG
36 K4OJ
34 K5YAA
31 NX4N
28 K1XX NO5W
27 N4GI
23 AD8J
19 W5WMU
15 KN4Y
09 W4FCG
07 N4FP
05 NF4A
04 N4DAB
02 AD4ES
01 N8KH NF2F

Along the way I also worked the 1x1 calls and spelled FLORIDA on both CW and
SSB. I didn't find K4A at all on Saturday, but they were easy to find on

K4F(4) K4L(5) K4O(4) K4R(4) K4I(4) K4D(4) K4A(3)

Thanks to the FCG for sponsoring the event, and to all who participated.
Remember to work us in the Kansas QSO Party the last weekend in August. From
Florida, you've usually got a pipeline!

73, Bob, w0bh

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