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[3830] WAE CW W4IX Single Op LP

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Subject: [3830] WAE CW W4IX Single Op LP
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Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2014 19:37:29 +0000
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                    WAE DX Contest, CW

Call: W4IX
Operator(s): W4IX
Station: W4IX

Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 29

 Band  QSOs  QTCs  Mults
   80:    1     0     1
   40:   99    70    69
   20:  560   595    84
   15:  474   464    78
   10:    0     0     0
Total: 1134  1129   235  Total Score = 531,805

Club: South East Contest Club


Arrived back home from Wash. DC Friday evening around 6:00PM and decided I was
going to play in this one, even though I only had 2 days to get ready for
another business trip to New York on Monday. I knew it was not going to be a
full effort and my off times would indicate that. To top things off, a weather
event pulled into the area around 10:00PM on Saturday night and had to pull the
plug and antennas so I decide to just call it a night and get up around sunrise
to work a few more hours until I had to call it quits and start getting ready
for my job in New York on Monday. I thought condx on the low bands just flat
out stunk..I had success working a few stations with my vertical but overall it
was bad..now on Saturday night 40 was sounding even worse at sundown, but after
a few hours signals started getting better and I thouhgt it was going to be a
decent night until the storm came in ( didnt even get a chance to check out 80M
)sooooo there goes that!!  I also think 20 meters was pretty decent all night
and morning from the start, 15M was ok on Saturday, but I missed all of the
afternoon hours. Signals were pretty loud on 15M but there just didn't seem to
be an over abundance of stations coming back to my low power signal...Again 20
meters was good on Sunday morning and eventually 15M came to life but rates
were just low and lots of QSB....Only heard South Americans on 10 meters, no
backscatter at all...So when the contest was about to start, I realized that I
had never worked WAE using radio control, always logged and sent QTC's
manually,  and I never used N1MM for this contest so I just started combing
through everything in the program until I found the WAE setup and how to use
it..then I realized I did not have any stored CW messages for the WAE and the
one I had been using would not send the serial number exchange so I had to
scramble to figure out how to get the F2 key to send 5NN and serial numbers...I
figured it out and started the contest about 5 min late. The only issue I had
during the contest was that when i was sending QTC's and someone asked for a
repeat of any of the info I was sending, I had to use my manual keyer that is
hooked up to the keyer in the FT-1000 so I had to hit the keyer button on the
radio because I do not have an external keyer or winkey...that sucked because
sometimes I would forget to hit the button when I was done and when I hit the
F1 or F4 key, the computer would send out garbage and if I hit the enter button
to start the QTC string, it would enter the first call into the log before I got
the QRV from the other station to start so it would jump to the next one in line
so I would have to go and delete it and start the process over!!!!!! ugh!
Frustrating when it happened but I got through it and still had a good time...I
like the WAE contests, just wish there was more activity...73's and thanks to
everyone for the Q's. FT-1000MP, TH7Dx@40 feet, HF2V Vertical.

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