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[3830] ARRL June VHF N5RZ/R Rover LP

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Subject: [3830] ARRL June VHF N5RZ/R Rover LP
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Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2015 18:19:41 +0000
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                    ARRL June VHF QSO Party

Call: N5RZ/R
Operator(s): N5RZ
Station: N5RZ/R

Class: Rover LP
Operating Time (hrs): 25

 Band  QSOs  Mults
    6:   87    56
    2:   34     6
  222:   21     4
  432:   23     3
  1.2:    8     2
Total:  173    85  Total Score = 19,805



An interesting journey thru 14 grids (947 miles) with less than desirable

Plan was to drop YL Friend K5RZA at the airport early Saturday morning, drive
home & swap vehicles and head south.   Upon leaving the airport, had a flat
tire - at 4 in the morning.  Was able to drive about a mile to a lighted truck
stop & replace it - a wonderful start to the day!  Got to my QTH about 5:15
AM & took a quick nap.  Did a few tweaks & hooked up the generator in
the old Dodge Ram Rover Machine & headed out about 8:30 AM.  Started in
DL99 near the Mexican Border & worked my way north.  Spotty 6M condx, but
the EM00/EM10 guys (K5TR, K5LLL, K5AND & W3XO) kept me going.  Not much
enhancement and 6M stunk, but was able to work K5QE (EM31) from EL08 & EL09
on 2 & 222.   Slugged away thru some windy narrow roads & at 0445Z,
stopped at a sleazy "no-tell Motel" in Menard, TX (EM00).  Well worth
it to not sleep in the truck & to actually get a shower!

Back on the road at 1145Z.  Lame condx everywhere.  Cut 4 grids out of the
route early Sunday afternoon due to time constrints.   Had a long afternoon
with no Q's for almost 2 hours while making the long drive west across DM93.   
When I got close to Lubbock, KC5MVZ called & was barely audible on 2M.  
Worked him with big sigs on 50, 222, 432 & 1296.   Hmmmmm.  When I stopped
for gas in DM83, checked & sure enough the internal pre-amp in the 2M amp
had crapped out.  Switched it off and 2M was back in action.  Uggggh.  Later
found out that K5TR & the others had been calling & calling!

Heading back home, 6M finally opened a bit while in DM82 about 2325Z. I had
only eaten a snack early Sunday morning and was starving, so grabbed a burger
while in Midland to take home.  When I got to DM81 about 0110Z, 6M exploded
& I stopped and ran a bit in DM81 about 4 miles from home, the only spot
that had no line noise.   At about 0205Z QSY'ed to my QTH in DM91 to finish up
the contest.  Ever been stuck in a vehicle with a big ole cheeseburger &
fresh french fries in a sack for 2 hours when you are starving?   Finally, 6M
pretty much crapped out about 0245Z & went inside & devoured the food.

About 0315Z, a huge storm rolled in.  Had to hurry out & unhook all the
feedlines so I could close the window on the truck! 

Had a good time, but man what a trip!

Rig:  TS2000X for 50 144 432 & 1296  +  28 MHz IF for 222 Xvtr.   Also had
a TR-751A 2M IF & 902 xvtr, but no Q's there.

Antennas:  1296=25el loop yagi  432=15el yagi 222=10el yagi  2M = 11el yagi
& horiz loop   6M=horiz loop.   All mounted on 3' tower & 6' mast in
the bed of a 2002 Dodge Ram pickup.   120 VAC Power plant was a Honda EU2000i

Multiplier includes the 14 grids I activated:  DL99 DL98 EL08 EL09 EM00 DM90
EM01 DM91 DM92 EM02 DM93 DM83 DM82 DM81

Thanks to all for the Q's!   Ready for next year - maybe!

73,  Gator

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