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[3830] FlQP K0HC(W0BH) SchoolMixed HP

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Subject: [3830] FlQP K0HC(W0BH) SchoolMixed HP
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Date: Mon, 02 May 2016 04:38:27 +0000
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Florida QSO Party

Call: K0HC
Operator(s): W0BH
Station: K0HC

Class: SchoolMixed HP
Operating Time (hrs): 17.4

 Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
   40:   34      3
   20:  339    146
   15:    8      0
Total:  381    149  CW Mults = 67  Ph Mults = 57  Total Score = 112,964

Club: Hesston College ARC


My favorite ham radio activity is going mobile in state QSO parties, but it's
also really fun to participate from the other end, especially in a really busy
QSO party like Florida. Kansas weather was cool and cloudy and outside was wet
from recent storms, so an indoor weekend was just the ticket! I operated K0HC
to put Hesston College on the air in the School category. The students were all
busily studying for final exams this coming week (including my exams :-).

When the opening bell rang, the mobiles were out in full force. The SUN 1x1
calls were also out there and as I check the log, it looks like I worked all
nine of them at least once. A special shout out to K4S who was always on and
often the only signal I heard on 40m or 15m during the day.

Conditions were good on 20m the entire party, but that's as far as it went from
Kansas.  40m was really noisy for me, and 15m almost non-existent which made for
a mostly one-band effort. That seemed to be the case for the mobiles as well,
because they stayed nicely on their 20m assigned frequencies and made it easy
for us to find them.

Here's the mobile scoreboard from Kansas. These are some very FB ops who make
this party rock! K4KG/m tops the list because of his fast-switch CW/SSB
operation which gave me a good share of my SSB counties. 

71 K4KG
39 K4OJ 
33 N5NA
32 NO5W
29 N4GI
20 N4CW
19 N4FP
18 KN4Y
04 N4DAB
listed but not heard: K4FCG/m and K4ZGB/m

The Sweep is the fun challenge in this party. Somehow I missed K1XX/m in OKA
early on which cost me lots of time later, but I finally got K4KG/m there at
0144z on Day 1 for the mixed Sweep. I also missed K4KG/m in WAG on CW on
Saturday, but finally picked it up from KN4Y/m on Sunday at 1832Z for the CW
Sweep. On SSB, I missed BAK CAH DES GLA GUL HAR HEN LAF NAS and OKE (four of
which I could have gotten from K4KG/m).

On Sunday, I always start a new tally sheet and missed only GUL and BRA, both
of which were on, so a Sunday Sweep was certainly possible. Perhaps a Sunday
Sweep plaque to inspire us to try harder?

One really humorous QSO attempt. I called CQ FL and heard two stations come
back, so I said, "ZM again." Both stations came back. "Only
ZM." Both stations came back, but I also heard K4, so I said "only K4
ending ZM." Both stations came back and both were equally loud. Finally
there was just enough spacing in their calls that I heard K4EZM, so I went
ahead and worked him, "K4EZM, you're 59 Kansas."  Both stations gave
me a report. I caught K4EZM in Highlands county, but also heard Sumter county,
so I was finally able to confirm one and thank him, then said, "the Sumter
county station, what's your call?" He came back "K4ZZM" No wonder
everyone was confused!

The Florida Contest Group put on another great show this year! I did make a
Georgia run this year, and Florida is certainly on my bucket list in the
future. Thanks to all who help make this a can't miss / can't wait event every

73, Bob, w0bh
trustee, k0hc
Hesston College ARC

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