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Subject: [3830] ARRLDX SSB P49Y(AE6Y) SOAB HP
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Date: Mon, 04 Mar 2019 16:25:27 +0000
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                    ARRL DX Contest, SSB - 2019

Call: P49Y
Operator(s): AE6Y
Station: P49Y

Class: SOAB HP
Cabrillo Category: Single-Op All-Band Non-Assisted One-Transmitter HP
QTH: Aruba
Operating Time (hrs): 40
Radios: SO2R

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:  192    47
   80:  684    58
   40: 1238    60
   20: 2794    60
   15: 1367     8
   10:    5     3
Total: 6280   286  Total Score = 5,388,240

Club: Northern California Contest Club


This contest reminded me strongly of the sunspot minimum woes of the 2009
version, except that in that year there was an exciting 10m opening goof for 31
mults shortly before the end of the contest, just when I was convinced it would
never happen.  This time I thought I finally heard a 10m opening Saturday
afternoon, called CQ, was immediately answered by N2IC and K4AB with S9 signals
(my only 6-banders, as it turned out), then made 3 more Qs, then ....nothing. 
How can that be?  Similarly, on Sunday as I was on 20 watching for 15 to open on
the second radio, the only NA signal heard on the band was K8AZ CQing 40 db
above the noise level, with nobody else in evidence.  Very strange.

A contest like this always has high and low points.  The first low point is
usually early Saturday morning, when I'm tired and contemplating the many hours
to go.  The second low point for me this time was in the last few hours on 20,
when it seemed that just about everyone was a dupe.  I try not to lose my temper
with the pile-up, but this time I just had to take a break, regroup mentally,
walk around for a few minutes, and start over on a new freq. One station called
me 5 time; after the first three in the log I refused to log him any more.

High points: (1) On Saturday afternoon, I had a dream pileup on 20. A very clear
freq meant that I could hear ESP stations, and they were extremely orderly and
well-behaved.  If I asked for, e.g., "last letter tango", miraculously
only that guy would answer.  For about an hour and a half, it couldn't get any
better. (2) I worked hard for mults and really appreciate the hams who moved for
me, mostly to 160, but sometimes to other bands.  Also, thanks to the numerous
unsuccessful movers (all of which were attempts to 160 -- thanks for trying). A
very satisfying move occurred when Len, VE9MY called in on 20 on Sunday
afternoon. I had worked NB on 20, but asked him to make a sked for 40 at 2330Z. 
Then when VY0ERC unexpectedly called in on 20 later on, I asked him if he would
come to the same sked.  Miraculously, not only did both of them show up, but we
made two good contacts. Thanks, guys! Getting new mults near the end of the
contest is always invigorating. 

Many thanks to co-owner John, W6LD - P40L, and Ed, W0YK - P49X for the numerous
house and station improvements they made on two trips in February. And, of
course to Cris, P43C, and JP, P43A, for their continuing tending of the house.
As usual, Aruba is a social place, this trip including in addition to Cris and
JP, Martin P49MR and Truus P49MRS, Lisandro, P43L, and Lissette, Andy, K2LE,
P40LE, and three British visitors who were on as P44K: Peter, G4CLA, Martin,
G4XUM, and Roger, G4BVY.

73, Andy, AE6Y
Rig: K3x2, Alpha 86, 91B.
Ant: 160 vert dipole, 80 inv vee, 2 el 40, 3 el 20 (used to be 4, before the
reflector fell off), 5 el 15, 2 el 10.
Logging: CQPWIN ver. 12.9

Break sheet and full writeup will be posted on www.arubaqth.com

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