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[3830] CWopsT W8FN Single Op HP

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Subject: [3830] CWopsT W8FN Single Op HP
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Date: Wed, 08 Sep 2021 14:29:12 +0000
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                    CWops Mini-CWT Test - 1300Z Sep 8

Call: W8FN
Operator(s): W8FN
Station: W8FN

Class: Single Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 1:00

 Band  QSOs
   40:  157
Total:  157  Mults = 157  Total Score = 24,649

Club: South East Contest Club


Good results for this running. Things got off to a rocky start when I went the
first two minutes with no callers before realizing my split wasn't set up right
and I was transmitting on the wrong frequency. Duh! After that the rate was
really good. It's interesting to see how when you're running well and don't need
to call CQ how after a while the rate will suddenly drop. Another minute of
sending CQ again brings it right back up. This must be the result of the
Skimmers timing out on your signal and needing to be refreshed. It would
certainly appear that most S&P guys are exclusively grabbing spots rather
than actually tuning their receivers. 40 meters was mostly short here, and for
the first time the beverages weren't useful for diversity receive. The beverages
for some reason were picking up a lot of noise that wasn't heard with the
transmit inverted vee. Without my initial foul-up I probably could have broken
the 160 QSO barrier, but nonetheless I'm pleased with my results, considering my
500W signal is down 5 dB from the true HP ops  with 1500W. See everyone at

Randy, W8FN

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