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[AMPS] MLa2500 Conversion

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Subject: [AMPS] MLa2500 Conversion
From: (Lee Buller)
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 1997 08:47:55 -0600
Last year at Dayton, I talked with a guy who had converted an MLA-2500 using
two 8874 to an Eimac 3CX800.  Now, this was not the 4CX800 put out by
Svetlana and written up in QST.   This is not the same thing.

The guy claimed you could take the 3CX800 and basically mount the thing
horizontally, attach the drive to the cathode, ground the grids, and attach
the plate to the exsisting circutry and you have a new amp with more plate
disapation than the two 8874s.  The 3CX800 was mounted in a Bud box on the
rear of the chasis with a fan behind it.  The guy claimed it can be done
using a triode GG rather than the tetrode using grid drive and screen supply.

This explaination is rather short...but has anyone done this out there or
does anyone see any pitfalls.  Comments?


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