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From: (Lee Buller)
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 1997 13:46:43 -0600
Some messages are getting bounced back to me....I'll try to keep up with the
more important ones.  May I suggest...don't use CC at all.

>After getting Lee's ok, I wanted to note that Dick Byrd, N4UQ, will do an
>upgrade of the rf deck in the Alpha 76-series amps, replacing the 8874s with
>3CX800A7s.  He also will install proper WARC band operation, and has a QSK
>upgrade a la the QSK in an Alpha 77 with vacuum and reed relays.  He also
>does some Alpha 77 mods.  
>So, despite the fretting about the fragility of the grids in both 8874s and
>3CX800A7s, there is a lower cost, higher output alternative to replacing the
>8874s in your Alpha 76.  I should mention that I have had Dick do the QSK
>and WARC upgrades on a 76PA of mine, but not the tube changeout -- the 8874s
>are still doing 1500+w after 22 years.
>Rather than put Dick's phone number here, I'll just say his e-mail address
>is That's his son's e-mail id, but they do trade notes.
>I have no affiliation with Dick -- I'm just a very satisfied customer.  
>73, Steve K6AW 

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