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[AMPS] PA Recommendation Wanted

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Subject: [AMPS] PA Recommendation Wanted
From: (Patrick Croft)
Date: Fri, 6 Jun 1997 11:06:29 -0400 (EDT)
May I inject a couple comments concerning QRO?  Good, here they are.
Listen on 1.850MHz if you can, as Ray Connin (KB8VU), owner of QRO visits in
the eves.  You'll also hear some excellent discussions about amps, all
brands, not just QRO.  Some of the regulars of the freq have QRO's, but many
brands are represented.  In other words, its not just a QRO group/freq.  

The QRO is well built, has many refinements that I haven't seen in others,
and Ray is offering excellent support based upon comments and owner reports.
On the 'other side' of the page, the Hypersil is  rated ICCS, not CCS, the
tubes are new to the market and the units are big.  QRO's attention to
detail was very obvious at Dayton.  We also played the
Alpha/QRO/Commander/Ameritron trail.  In close review, the verniers on the
QRO and Ameritron were smoother than the others, the wiring/soldering detail
appeared best on the QRO, and the mechanical 'ruggedness' seemed to be won
by QRO.  I think you'll see QRO's gaining a regional market, and if the
focus continues on customers as seems to be QRO's intent, QRO will gain
serious market share overall.  I overheard a dozen DX op's commenting at
each booth, and while Alpha has a strong following, QRO should have received
some export orders by now.

Both Alpha and QRO have websites.  

Hope this helps a little.



At 10:55 PM 6/5/97 -0700, you wrote:
>I have only just joined this reflector, but I will dare to jump in and
>ask this question:
>Like Brian Short KE7GH I plan to buy a PA and I have similar goals of
>  1. Reliability
>  2. Reliability
>  3. Conservative design
>  4. Meaningful performance, not esoteric details
>  5. Quiet
>At Dayton, I traveled back and forth between the Alpha and QRO booths,
>comparing the construction of the Alpha 89 and QRO HF-2500DX. My
>  1. Alpha 89 has more fault detection and protection
>  2. Alpha is more widely accepted and has a good reputation
>  3. HF-2500DX appears more conservative design
>  4. HF-2500DX uses Peter Dahl HV and filament xfmrs which alone weigh
>more than the entire Alpha 89.
>  5. HF-2500DX uses much heavier bandswitch
>  6. HF-2500DX tune & load caps have about twice the plate spacing of
>the caps in the Alpha 89.
>  7. HF-2500DX has a two-speed fan switch
>  8. The Alpha looks "shoehorned" while the QRO has working space inside
>Every serious DXer I talk with says, "Buy Alpha."
>I'm a rag chewer, not a DXer.
>Why have I read no comments about QRO the several days I've been reading
>the mail here?
>Folks, I last built a PA almost 40 years ago (2, 813s); a lot has
>changed since then and I really would appreciate some critical comments
>about the 89 and the HF-2500DX, or about another PA you suggest. I want
>to buy only once, and I don't want to develop a relationship with the
>UPS person!
>Larry McDavid W6FUB
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