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[AMPS] QRO HF2500 x ALPHA89 - some experience [OK1RI]

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Subject: [AMPS] QRO HF2500 x ALPHA89 - some experience [OK1RI]
From: (John Lane)
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 1997 08:05:39 -0400
Some of what Jiri describes could be ascribed to teething problems with a
new design.  I've heard plenty of horror stories about amplifiers on the
market from all current manufacturers.  
As I am interested in the HF-2500DX, the problems with tuning on 40 and 160
meters seem serious and fundamental.  I would be interested in any comments
regarding good and bad points of this amp that this forum could provide. 
Tnx    W8KX

> 8.The PI tank is designed so that on 40m you can not tune it properly
there is not enough capacity on the antenna side of the PI, there is not  a
position on the switch to add there some fix C. You might object it is a
question of the ant but if the Impedance we have on 7.045 is 50.3 Ohm+ 0j
and still you can not tune the AMP properly..... (the same on 160m - here
our ant does not have so great SWR but still well within 1:2 range - just
ther is the solution simple just add C). Solution in my case is simple -
never use the QRO on 40m.

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