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[AMPS] Looking for 500W-KW amp, could use help.

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Subject: [AMPS] Looking for 500W-KW amp, could use help.
From: (David E. Shelton)
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 1998 22:55:59 -0500
I am not experienced with amps at all. I am a primarily CW op. Had run
Ten Tec for several years now, then got away from them after bad
experience with new Omni VI+. Currently running a new TS-870S and loving
it so far. I live in a neighborhood/subdivision with the home close
together and don't want to run legal limit, looking for a solid 500W-KW
output from my 50-100W input. I have looked at a couple nice amps; QRO
HF-1000, Ameritron AL-80B, Ten Tec Centurion, and dreamed about the
Commander 2500 even though I don't need the power present there. I have
been told be a few that the TS-870S is going to have problems keying the
amp in CW mode at speeds of >25wpm. Does anyone have any input on the
amps I have looked at and the keying setup for a Kenwood TS-870S.

Would appreciate your input.

73 dit dit,

David E. Shelton, RN
W4DES Amateur Op

Amateur Radio Transmitting Society
         of Louisville, KY

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