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[AMPS] Legal limit tuners

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Subject: [AMPS] Legal limit tuners
From: (Joe Subich, W8IK)
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 21:34:36 -0500
At 09:04 PM 3/12/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Here is another one, the Dentron MT-2000A.  I have had one for many years,
>and it is rated at 3kw and has tuned everything that I have tried it on.  It
>has front panel switches for tuner/bypass and for operate/ground.  It does
>not have a roller inductor,  instead an 18-position selector.  Probably can
>be picked up at a ham fest for $100.00 or so.  

One warning about the MT-2000/MT-3000 ... be careful with it on 10 meters. 
On 10, the coil is so short and the circulating current so high due to the 
close proximity of the case (shorted turn effect), that the coil supports will 
melt (happened to me). 

In any case, if anyone knows of a clean MT-2000 or MT-3000 for $100, I'd like 
to find one again. 


   ... Joe Subich, W8IK  ex-AD8I

"Hindsight is an exact science."

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