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[AMPS] YC156 Update

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Subject: [AMPS] YC156 Update
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Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 22:52:12 -0800

>At 3350 Vdc B+ under load (only a 50v drop) at 1.2A I max out my 2000 watt

Dang! talk about good Ereg!!!!!!!!!!! The best I have ever seen is 175 volts
no-to-full load using a Dahl plate xmfr and a resonant dc filter choke with
32uF of oil filled cap. Well done old friend.

Lane Zeitler

 Its a Daiwa, and I've never checked the accuracy.  This works out to
>about 50% efficiency.  My grid current is around 50mA, and drive is 50-55
>I lost track of time and had to sit the Cantenna outside.  Luckily I didn't
>damage it.
>I'll be playing around with the final tank, and maybe increase the B+ to
>see what happens with the efficiency.  Many comments cite low efficiency
>with this voltage.
>So what do I have now?  An amp that makes legal limit with 40watts drive,
>and does not stress a thing in the box. I have about $1000 tied up so far.
>The biggest part in the amp is the pole transformer, which accounts for the
>excellent B+ regulation.
>The biggest trade off was size.  This fella will sit a rack cabinet
>(including the transformer).  In exchange for this I saved money (not if
>your time is money), and built a very durable amp.
>                              73 Jay W7CW
>                                 1AB Ranch
>                                 Gillette, Wyoming
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