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[AMPS] Triode conected Tetrodes

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Subject: [AMPS] Triode conected Tetrodes
From: (Radio WC6W)
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 12:39:06 EST
Hi Art,

>While looking through the ARRL hand book (1979) I came across an
>article for an 833a tri band amplifier. In the first part of the
>article the author says 

  The article seems to have survived into the 1980 edition.  

>"Pi-network value are given for various surplus tubes: 4-400A, 4-250A,
>304TH and 833A.

   That table covers different plate impedances depending on plate
voltage; not specific to any tube type.

>Can other tetrodes be used the same way? i.e. 4-1000, 4CX3000,

   The 4-1000 may be triode connected, if the plate voltage is great
enough, though as Rich & Carl observed this circuit is a sub-optimum
methodology to use ANY tetrode.   

   The control grid of a 4CX series tube would likely be destroyed by
excessive dissipation in this connection should you develop sufficient
drive to obtain any practical power output.

********** and from another part of the perimeter:

>The 304TH and 833A are ...
>....   specified for grid driven, AB2 (linear) service ...

>?  Where is this specified?   There is no such thing as a triode, Class 
>AB2 grid driven linear amplifier.  .    Cathode - driven, yes.  

  Probably in some audio application.   

  Nothing precludes running a triode in that class... it just wouldn't be
very efficient.  More heat, less signal...  

73 & Happy Monday!
   Marv  WC6W


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