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[AMPS] Phantom 1400 Linear

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Subject: [AMPS] Phantom 1400 Linear
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Date: Fri, 5 Feb 1999 16:45:08 -0500
     This is my first time submitting to this reflector so I hope any faux pas
will be forgiven. A neighbor of mine has a linear amp for sale. As the subject
indicates it is called a Phantom 1400. I believe it was sold under the guise of
being for Hams but in reality was used for illegal CB operation. My questions
are as follows:

       I. Could someone on this reflector relay  useful information about  this
amp or its specifications that would          give me an idea of the internal

      II. Would there be value to purchasing this amp as a method to  acquire
parts for an amp project I am            planning or would I just be increasing
the volume of my junk box ?

     III. If the answer to # II is yes what might be a fair price to pay?

     Thank you in advance for your assistance.

     Paul Lunn W8CKW
     Swanton Oh.  43558

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