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[AMPS] Nichicon Capacitors?

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Subject: [AMPS] Nichicon Capacitors?
From: (Warren J. Walsh)
Date: Tue, 02 Mar 1999 12:33:00 -0500
At 09:55 PM 3/1/99 +0000, George McCrary wrote:
>Hello Folks,
>       Has anyone determined if the Nichicon 470 uF at 450v caps that
>All Electronics is selling are suitable for use in amp power supply
>design? I have the Nichicon Catalog and can look up the specs, but how
>can I determine their suitability? I want to build a 4000 volt 750 mA
>supply using 10 of these in series. All Electronics is selling them
>for $3 each or 10 for $22.50 which makes them very attractive.
>       I would also welcome other suggestions for a source of caps
>for the power supply.
>                                       Regards,
>                                       George (KQ4QM)

I downloaded the datasheet from Nichicons website, and have it here in PDF
format.  I can send it to anyone interested as an email attachment.
Unfortunately they do not show an actual value for ripple current.

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