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[AMPS] Wanted: TL922 parts (load capacitor, plate caps)

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Subject: [AMPS] Wanted: TL922 parts (load capacitor, plate caps)
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Date: Sat, 9 Oct 1999 21:59:27 EDT
I am repairing a TL922 and need the following:

Loading capacitor (1)
3-500Z plate caps/heat dissipating connectors (2)

Please email me if you can provide either or both.

Items I have for trade/sale:

Eimac NOS 4CX250B, Eimac socket, and Eimac chimney for 4CX250B

Assorted doorknob caps:

QTY Manufacturer    Model #         Description
2       Hecht   HT51Y101    857 100pf +-10% 15KV N750
12      Hecht   HT50T501    857 500pf +-20%  1KV N4700
6       Hecht   HT50V500    857 250pf +-10% 1KV 
9       Hecht   HS57Y500    CRL857  50pf   +-10% 15KV

73 Eric KK2ED (ex:ka2ykc)

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