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[AMPS] AL-1500 problem

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Subject: [AMPS] AL-1500 problem
From: (W7XU Arliss)
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 08:40:48 +0000

I have an AL-1500, no longer under warranty, with the built in QSK 
board.  Over the weekend it developed a problem:  received signals
are markedly attenuated when the amplifier is off or in the standby
position.  If the amp is up and running everything works fine, but
as soon as I flip the switch from operate to standby, or shut the 
amp off, the receiver is nearly dead.  This affects all bands.  The
swr seen by the transceiver goes sky high once the amp is put in
standby or shut off, also, although it is fine when the amp is running.

Any suggestions from others who've experienced this?

Thanks & 73,  Arliss

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