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Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 22:42:26 EST
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 >     Tried 3 times during the day to get the phone number you listed to 
work.  NO
 > GO.  Tried looking up James Millen Co. on the net and found out they went 
out of
 > business in 1987, or so it appears.  Do you have more info on them??  ARE 
 > still in business under another company name?  What's up?
 Sorry about that, folks...he was operating out of his garage last time I 
 Guess he finally sold out and went QRT.....end of an era!
 The choke is rated @ 10kv and weighs about 40# or so, Mike.
 Phil, K5PC

Maybe i am hallucinating from this Y2K Flu-Bug going around the Northeast, 
but I think I saw reference to James Millen products the last time I ordered 
some Unadilla items (traps, dipole stuff, etc.).  Try this link: 

Here's what I found:

James Millen Electronics
Division of Caywood Electronics, Incorporated
- this website is under construction -
Call us at:
(978) 975-2711 Plant

(978) 474-8949 24 Hour FAX

Email Us at:

All Millen Part Numbers are valid as are indicated in any and all previous 

Good Luck

73 Eric



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