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[AMPS] Re: SB200 schematic - thanks

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Subject: [AMPS] Re: SB200 schematic - thanks
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Date: Sat, 5 Feb 2000 23:26:08 EST
Thanks to all who sent and/or offered the SB-200 schematic. The response was 
overwhelming, so please accept my thanks here. It was a busy week at work, so 
I am just now getting caught up on email. 

I found the 2uF and 20uF caps in the relay/bias -120v circuit to be leaky. I 
replaced them and now i am getting good readings from the filament 
transformer. I am also now able to derive the 4vDC rectified from one side of 
the filament transformer to feed the Harbach soft-key module. Now to replace 
the hex-fet damaged by the leaky caps in the -120v supply!

73 all.

(PS. Can someone recommend a good software program to develop web pages with 
multiple pictures, which can be clicked-on to give a full-page picture ?   
The reason I ask is that I have taken a rather large catalog of nice jpegs of 
the various amps I have either owned, modified, or worked on, and figured I'd 
make them available for viewing via my web page.)

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