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[AMPS] ALPHA 77SX on 50Hz

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Subject: [AMPS] ALPHA 77SX on 50Hz
From: (dcckc)
Date: Sat, 7 Apr 2001 05:18:07 -0500
I understand your dilemma Barry, trying to get a view of
things from a distance but I doubt that the national
electrical code has allowed a service entrance for a home in
America to not be at the minimum of 100 amps at 220 volts in
the last 50 years. I personally have never seen a home that
wasn't 220V. They used to only be 60 amps way back in the
40's and 50's but they were still 220V as to the 50hz or
60hz I like you would have guessed that it would take larger
KVA values for that to be a problem. I have never
experienced any problems of this type personally during
travels abroad.

| With all due respect, one does get that impression from
time to time.
| 73
| end
| Barry Kirkwood PhD ZL1DD

| > And you think WE live under a rock?
| > Dave/WB0PKK

| > | The use of 220/230v mains vs 110volts (which most of
| > world thinks
| > | quaint) more than compensates for 60 vs 50hz. (Yes, we
| > know that 220v is
| > | available in most US homes , with a bit of help from
| > electrician.).
| > | We have been using transformers made for 60hz down
| > for yonks and
| > | problems are rare.
| > | 73

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