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[AMPS] Re: [TowerTalk] AL-1500 problems

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Subject: [AMPS] Re: [TowerTalk] AL-1500 problems
From: (w7xu)
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2001 04:42:15 +0000
Hi Jose,

I have an AL-1500 with the QSK board and this has been an occasional
problem for me also.  Sorry, but I don't know the cause or the cure.

73,  Arliss  W7XU

José de Sá wrote:
> Hi,
> I have purchased a Ameritron AL-1500 amplifier 4 years ago and
> for the last year it has developed a problem that I hope
> you can help me solve.
> A) When transmitting and returning to reception, the
> reception signal strenght in the radio lowers dramatically and it
> only returns to normal after I press the radio PTT switch for
> several times.
> I do have this problem for some time now (probably over an year)
> and thinking that it could be the AL-1500 open relay, I
> purchased a new relay (a couple of months ago) and
> installed it along with a fast QSK board (one of this Increasing
> Amplifier Relay speed boards by K6XX),
> So, its not the relay.
> Note 1: I noticed that after I installed this fast QSK board by
> K6XX the problem got a bit worst as reception gets lower
> in strenght even when the amp is ON but I'm not transmitting,
> could I be mistaken ?
> Note 2: Another thing is that when this happens I tryed to turn the
> amplifier
> completelly off (no power) and the radio reception is still low until I
> press the PTT, then it returns to normal and never happens again
> while I'm using only the radio, if I start using the amp again the problem
> returns.

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