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[Amps] SELL: Drake L4B RF Deck Components

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Subject: [Amps] SELL: Drake L4B RF Deck Components
From: w2cqm at (
Date: Sat May 3 17:37:20 2003
Offering the following  parts removed from a Drake L4B. All components
are original and in mint condition. All prices + shipping. See and click on Drake Components for a
digital of offering. 

a. Mint antenna and plate tune capacitors. Clean, no RF burn marks.
$35 each Pr. $60

b. Pair of Starburst OEM heat dissipating aluminum plate caps, parasitic
choke/coil assemblies w/OEM brackets marked "Top". $55

c. Front panel operate/standby/ALC push pull switch w. cable and ALC
board. Removed intact. Operates perfectly. $55

d. Drake L4B multitap filament transformer for a pair of 3-500's. Rated
at 5VCT@30amps. 110/220VAC primaries. $55


f. OEM Millen HV rear panel female socket with bypass cap and HV wire $10

g. #1 HV porcelain plate choke with OEM blocking capacitors (1000pfd)
mica base insulator, and all brackets. All original, no RF burn marks.

g #2 HV porcelain plate choke with bracket $35

h. A pair of  Drake L4B 3-500 porcelain sockets wired in tandem with
silvered strapping. Ready to drop in.  Includes the .01 blocking
capacitor. Clean
no burn marks. $35


j. sold

k. OEM rear prong female relay socket with diode and bypass capacitor $8 

NOTE!  $$ never arrived for the rear panel HD male power socket. Includes
all bypass caps. Relisted at  $12

Ron W2CQM/3

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