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[Amps] SELL: Drake L4B OEM replacement components

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Subject: [Amps] SELL: Drake L4B OEM replacement components
From: w2cqm at (
Date: Tue May 20 08:49:13 2003
Offering some impossible to find Drake OEM  L4B Amplifier components. All
are in excellent condition. All prices plus shipping/optional insurance:
a. Mint antenna  tune capacitor. Clean, no RF burn marks. $35

b. Pr.  parasitic choke/coil assemblies w/OEM brackets marked "Top". $25

c. Front panel operate/standby/ALC push pull switch w/ cable and ALC
board. Removed intact.  Tested and operates perfectly. $55

d. Drake L4B multitap filament transformer for a pair of 3-500's. Rated
at 5VCT@30amps. 110/220VAC primaries.  Tested and in perfect condition

e.  HV porcelain plate choke with OEM blocking capacitor base insulator,
and mounting  bracket, mica base and mounting hardware. All original, no
RF burn marks. Mint  $55

f.  cog type drive belt (from bandswitch to tuned input) with two (2)
shaft mounted cog drive gears. $35

g. Complete 10-80m  tuned input module removed intact and on subchassis.
Complete with blocking capacitor. $65

h. Drake L4B 3-500 porcelain sockets wired in tandem with silvered
strapping. Includes the .01 blocking capacitor and grid blocking
capacitors and solder lugs.  Clean no burn marks. $35

i. Complete HV interlock switch. complete with all brackets and hardware.

j. Pair of OEM Drake grid chokes in sleeves with solder lugs and bypass
caps. Removed intact $15 

k. OEM rear prong female relay socket with  bypass capacitor $8 

l. antenna tune capacitor front panel  vernier drive. $12

Ron W2CQM/3
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