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[Amps] SELL: Drake L4B Chassis w/Meters

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Subject: [Amps] SELL: Drake L4B Chassis w/Meters
From: w2cqm at (
Date: Sat May 24 09:58:59 2003
Offering the Drake L4B amplifier chassis with the following OEM
components installed. All in A-OK condition. No chassis bangs dents, 
dings or rust.  I repeat, this is the   chassis only and offered  with
ONLY the following original equipment  components in place: 

a. Dual Drake  meters( plate amps& multimeter)  with panel light
assembly. Meters like new and in perfect condition. No discoloration etc.
Factory installed on the chassis with panel light assemblies. 
b. bifilar feed-thru capacitors (2) w/all hardware
c. female  antenna relay two prong socket
d. AGC socket
e. SO-239's (2)
f. antenna relay DC rectifier terminal strip with all components in place
g. FRONT PANEL ROCKER SWITCHES . Both tested and in perfect condition.
All wiring intact.
h. multi meter selector switch with meter PC board. All wiring intact.
All components in place. 
i. Chimney spring clips
j. Plate tune vernier drive
k. HV interlock assembly 

$170+ shipping  Ron W2CQM/3

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