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[Amps] New Vacuum Relay Supplier

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Subject: [Amps] New Vacuum Relay Supplier
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Date: Tue Jun 3 08:32:56 2003
>>Greetings Ian
>>I'm afraid the speed up circuit you
>>mention does not work very well for the
>>vacuum relays.  It indeed does speed
>>things up but the circuit doesn't
>>release the relay fast enough for true
>>QSK.  ...
... ... 
>That brings me to one final warning about this whole speedup/QSK thing 
>(and I'm sure both Rich and Paul will agree)...
>To make fast RF switching work, you *must* use the fastest possible PTT 
>output from the transceiver! Don't ever use the relay option - it wastes 
>valuable milliseconds that you can't afford.

**  Yea, verily.  A simpler solution is to replace the lethargic 
relay-option with a 300v/0.5a NPN switch.

> Some transceiver PTT relays 
>are so slow that the RF output has already started *before* the PTT 
>signal reaches the amp (duh...)
>If the fast transistor-switched PTT output of your transceiver won't 
>handle the voltage/current needs of your amp, then modify the amp with a 
>fast transistor switch.

**  amen

Rich, AG6K, 805-386-3734,

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