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[Amps] RE Gonset 4 x 807 amp

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Subject: [Amps] RE Gonset 4 x 807 amp
From: vk3ym at (RICK COLE)
Date: Fri Jun 13 08:31:49 2003
Many thanks to all who replied with my query regarding this amp...
As far as the information relates,  this amp was either not a successful item 
or people just did not want such a low powered cheap unit...It was on the 
market for an extremely short period of time {unknown} and was followed by a 
unit with firstly 4 x modified 1625's and then 4 x 811's..
    Only one person on the reflector replied that he had actually owned such an 
amp while all others either queried the type of tube ie 807's or asked if i had 
made a mistake and should have quoted the 1625's or the more familiar 811's...
Still no schematic has been obtained but enough information was given to be 
able to draw a simplified one with all major component values and voltages 
I want to thank all those who replied..
Regards  Rick

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